Health Coaching

Each one of us has a unique genetic make-up, lifestyle and view on life. This is why there is no such diet or exercise plan that suits all. We are all different, exceptional and so must be the secret to our good health – So Personal!

My name is Alya Garkov. For more than fifteen years I have been in search for the key to excellent health.

As your health coach, I will show you that healthy living and eating does not have to be complicated. However, rather than prescribing an already existing diet or set of exercise, I will work with you to develop a tailor made nutrition and wellness program just for you.

You will be provided with your own So Personal™ health plan.

Why Dr. So Personal?

This health plan will consider your specific needs and personality, your genetics and current lifestyle. Together, we will formulate your health statements and goals and I will help you build your dream.

I will support and mentor you on every step of the wellness program specifically designed for you to help you feel your best through food and lifestyle changes.

In my programs you will also receive advice and guidelines regarding yoga, massages, meditation and 24/7 beauty routines.